Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Since I'm pretty sure this particular co-worker doesn't read my blog, I've decided to go ahead and post a picture of her completed present. I just finished my second Elizabeth Zimmermann "Baby Surprise Jacket." This one moved along quickly and was certainly easier to knit since I understood how it all worked up front. I was also smarter and I used stitch markers to indicate the increases and decreases and so they were a lot easier to keep track of. I really like the way EZ gives her patterns with just some basic instructions and then makes you figure out the rest. I find that my brain seems to work in a similar manner in that I can follow her instructions by instinct. I certainly don't have her skill with putting these things together though. Her ability to manipulate the knitted fabric in three dimensions in her mind and come up with something like the BSJ is truly astounding.
I've also decided my niece's mom probably doesn't read my blog either and so I'm posting Eva's holiday present, so far. Momma asked for a hat with earflaps and so that is what she's getting. I have this great Bollicine Revolution yarn that I got on clearance from Web's for my birthday that is 100% wool but it feels like fleece. The knitted fabric is great. It's soft, smooshy and seems like it will be really warm. I just used the Yarn Harlot's basic hat formula and made it sized to fit a one year old (wow, does time fly). Momma also asked for mittens so those are next. I've been doing a lot of research on hats and I have a bunch of others I want to try out so I see Eva getting a pretty fair collection of hats over time. I'm intrigued by EZs Bonnet from the Opinionated Knitter and also the Maltese Fisherman's Hat for The Knitter's Almanac (which I have). These both have earflaps too and EZs fun geometry. Hmmm, what yarn do I have that I could get these started right now?

I've also started working on some Coffee Cozies for stocking stuffers. I've been using a bunch of leftover pieces of wools and novelty yarns and just having fun with different combinations. These knit up quickly and they are pretty darn satisfying. The hard part is finishing the one I'm on because I'm usually staring at the container of yarn and imagining the next yarn/color combination. I expect to get a bunch of these done over the next couple of weeks.
Lastly, a gratuitous photo of the socks I knit for S, modeled with a pair of mocs she made for herself. Very nice pair, if I say so myself. And don't forget, you can get your own pair of mocs in our store at all of that, just knitting other gifts and dreaming about the next project for myself. I'm thinking about starting a shawl or wrap as my holiday present to myself and I'm looking for the right pattern and yarn. I'm open for suggestions...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm Working on...

Gifts. Pretty much working on all gifts right now. Whatever gifts I give this year, they will be ones I am making because buying gifts is just out of the question. I've gone into my stash for all but one of the gifts and so far they are moving along quite well. I will take pictures of them all and likely post after the holidays.

In the meantime, I can show you the one gift I am working on that I actually purchased yarn to make. That gift is S's Poncho that I talked about briefly in the last post I had with any knitting. :) It's moving along quite splendidly except I'm running out of yarn. This is a pattern from my head and so I completely guessed at how much yarn and considering my lack of experience at doing this, I apparently need more practice. I am also knitting this with two strands held together for extra warmth and that also means extra yarn. I have less than half of one skein of the lighter brown left and I have 4 more rows of it in the body and I have planned to add a border on the sides with this color too. I really need to purchase at least two more skeins of this color. I know the store doesn't have the same dyelot either because I bought every skein she had of that dyelot. But...since it's really just the border left, if the dyelots don't match exactly, it won't be obvious. So here's a picture from early last weekend.I have now made it to the color change on the back side and as I said before, I've got 4 more rows with the light brown color. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough yarn in the other colors.
Oh, a few details about what I'm doing. This poncho is using Plymouth Encore yarn; 25% wool, 75% acrylic. I'm working on 13s with the yarn held double. I have used 3 mosaic patterns from Barbara Walker's Mosaic Knitting book, which I am currently completely enamored with. As soon as I get the yarn I need, it should wrap up pretty quickly.
I'm also working on some more co-worker baby gifts. These women just keep getting pregnant and so I keep knitting. This is obviously another Baby Surprise Jacket to all those knitters out there. This is being made with some baby yarn from the stash and it's turning out pretty cute. It is really nice and soft too. I only have the button band and two seams left to finish this one so maybe I'll get froggy and get it finished today.One last work in progress below. Knitters and non-knitters might be able to figure this one out but I'm not going into details. It's turning out nicely and the yarn is really pretty, as you can see. Yummy.Lastly, Spot has been sitting on my lap as I try and type this entry, which isn't easy since that's where the laptop is sitting too. It's not like I have a huge lap, I just have a really persistent cat. So, because of his persistence, I figured you all should get to see him too and the expression I usually see, "Hey Mom, don't you want to pet me?!?!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We BARACKED the Vote!!

I am so excited by the results of the election yesterday! I am amazed it turned out the way I hoped and it was nice to have finally voted for the winning candidate. Thanks to everyone who got out and voted! Of course, here's my favorite little supporter. :)

I've also spent some time admiring some amazing fall colors this year and so here are a couple of pictures from our street. WOW, who knew the city could have colors like this?

I'll work on a knitting post over the weekend. Hopefully this will suffice for now. :)