Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Error of My Ways

So, as you may have noticed, I've slowed down a bit on the blog. Have I been knitting less? Not really. However, I have been doing a number of other things and I guess documenting my knitting hasn't really been one of them. I have been keeping up on Ravelry so I guess we know where my priorities are.

So you ask how my knitting has been going. Well, so-so I guess. You see, I have three projects I am actually actively working on right now. I have the simple Garter Rib socks out of Mini-Mochi for Steph: My version of the "My So-Called Scarf" pattern out of the hand dyed yarn with a color called Poison I bought from 100PureWool on Etsy.
And lastly my Cropped Raglan Sweater from a pattern on the Lion Brand website and in Knit n' Style April 2008. I don't even have a picture of this one yet but it's being worked with some pretty Cascade 220 Heathers.

So what's the problem you ask...I have made a mistake on each of these projects that has caused me to stop. What are my mistakes?
  • Steph's sock - time to turn the short row heel on the second sock and I'm getting big holes where I'm adding a stitch for the short row turn. I know that makes no sense to people who haven't knit a short row heel, and maybe even people who have. Sorry
  • My So-Called Scarf - I've managed to loss a stitch. I think I simply forgot one of the increases on the purl row before but I have to rip back and figure it out.
  • My Cardigan - I forgot one of the raglan increases...12 rows ago. I need to drop the 3 stitches of the raglan increase down the numerous rounds and try to add the YO I missed and then knit my way back up the stitches to where I am. I'm hoping to do this instead of ripping out the 250+ stitches in 12 rows of knitting and doing a "do-over."

So what is a girl to do when she has three projects being actively worked on and all of them have mistakes that must be fixed before she can continue? Well, start something else of course! In order to make sure I don't have to worry too much about mistake, I decided to get started on some dishtowels that I owe as part of a trade I've worked for some new jewelry. I went to Michael's last night a bought a bunch of kitchen cotton (and some other stuff for a Christmas gift but no need to talk about that just yet) and got started last night. I got the first towel done and now I just need to pick the next color to knit.

My next goal, to get the right mindset to sit down and fix my three errors and get on my way!!