Sunday, June 22, 2008

My How My Garden Grows...

I can't help but name this post after the garden and I hope when you see the pictures, you'll understand why. This is going to be a photo intensive post so I hope you don't mind.
First, knitting. I've been continuing to work on what I am affectionately calling the "Alien Waves" scarf. It's a simple drop stitch scarf pattern that I'm using some KnitPicks "Gossamer" yarn I got on clearance. I really like how the colors are pooling and forming a second pattern. The scarf is really squishy and soft and light as a feather. Really cool! I've probably got about another 2 feet worth of yarn left since I just plan to knit to the end of the strand. It should end up being a nice length.
I also decided Eva needed a little sun hat to match her halter top for summer. I went to Ravelry looking for a cute hat pattern and I came across this cute pattern called "Sun Hat" from Adorabubble Knits. I've called my version "Sunflower Hat" for obvious reasons. I am thrilled with the results and can't wait to give it to her when I meet her for the first time next month. So if Momma or Daddy checks out the blog before then, oh well, Eva will still be surprised. I'm thinking about adding little chin straps to help keep it on her.
Lastly, I'm still working on the Roundabout Socks. Still enjoying the yarn, pattern, colors, and everything. I guess you can't complain about that. I just need to sit down and finish them. I will hopefully make some progress over the next couple of weeks during my turn to ride in the carpool.
OK, now to the garden. First, if anyone has actually been reading these posts and tracking the progress of the garden, I'm sorry I let you down by not posting last week. I just got behind. I did take pictures though, so all is not lost. So, here's the overall garden pic from last week. Things are growing like crazy!
And, my favorite plant to track the progress of, the Watermelon. This thing is amazing! It grows so fast and I think we're going to struggle with it wanting to take over the entire garden.
And now for this morning's picture. Wow! Every time I look out the back window and see this garden growing, I am just amazed. We seem to have some aphids on the tomatoes so I've been spraying them with Ivory solution to try and get rid of the little buggers. Even with this little issue, things are still just trucking along.

Check out the watermelon plant. This thing is a monster! It just keeps expanding and expanding. We have three little yellow blooms and I can't wait to see something happen to those.Also, you know how I talked about having a couple of blooms on the tomatoes that wouldn't amount to anything, well I guess I don't know what I'm talking about. I went out this morning to take pictures and weed and I came across two good size tomatoes on the plant. Now, the problem is, I thought this was the Cherry Tomato plant and these two tomatoes are a little bigger then a golf ball. They are not Cherry Tomatoes. I don't know what they are but they look awesome!!So, time to get a walk in this afternoon and then maybe some knitting later today. I hope so because afterall, that's what Sunday's are for!

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Melanie said...

The hat is adorabubble! It really does look like a sunflower. Cute!

Melanie from Adorabubble Knits