Monday, October 20, 2008

Go Obama!! Vote on Nov 4th!

See that picture below. If you look really, really close on the far, far left and squint really, really still won't see me. But I was there Dammit! This past Saturday Barack Obama came to our humble city, St. Louis, MO and we showed him there are just a few of us blues in this oh so red state. Wow, boy did we show him. From what I heard, they are saying there were between 80-100K people, more than any previous rally, and I was one of them. From where I was standing, right at the south leg of the arch, just outside the security fencing, I couldn't see the stage directly but I could see the screen. Here's my view.
It wasn't the best view but it was a truly amazing experience! Mr. Obama says so much of what I've always wanted to hear from a leader in our government and for the first time I feel like I will be voting for something better than the "lesser of two evils." The coolest thing about the rally was the diversity of the crowd. On the walk up we saw Jaguars, BMWs, Chevys, big Ford trucks and everything else. Once we got to the Arch grounds, the people were not any different. There was just a little bit of everything in the crowd. For those of you not from St. Louis, this is NOT typical. While I like this city that I have grown up in, it is fairly racially segregated and it was nice to see an event like this cross those boundaries. Thank you Mr Obama for giving us hope and I hope this country gives you a chance to prove your words.
Just as a little blog fodder, I wanted to share this one last photo with you all. We have a flood wall along the Mississippi River and along this one part of it, the city allows graffiti artists to do their best. Well, some of these artists are really amazing and this particular piece really caught my fancy. The colors are really great!

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