Sunday, September 20, 2009

War Wounds & Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

What have I been up to, you ask? Well, less than usual I guess. First off, I will warn you this is an animal intensive post. So, why have I been up to less lately? Well, last Saturday morning as I was in the glow of just waking up when one of my dogs got spooked and started freaking out. Of course, this just got the other one started and next thing I know, I've got two dogs snarling at each other on the bed with me. I reached out blindly with sleep glazed eyes and managed to stick my hand directly into a mouth. Ouch! Those little teeth are sharp. Anyway, it all resulted in me with a giant finger for a few days, which makes knitting less than ideal. It didn't stop me though as you can see above. I was determined to get some wristers finished for my new step-daughter (that still sounds weird) and a little thing like a giant finger was not going to stop me. The good thing is I realized I really only use that finger for tensioning so it wasn't too bad.

On to the results. I based my wristers on the Leftover Mitts I found through Ravelry but I used the leftover Urchin yarn in combination with a solid corresponding black I had. Since I had the two colors, I just didn't start the cable until row 15 in the pattern and then I worked one extra twist in the cable pattern up the arm. I'm pleased with the results and so is Jess. (Try to hear Madonna's Vogue as you scroll through these photos)

I've also been working on some dishtowels I am trading for necklaces and earrings sets. I love bartering.

Other than those two things, I've made some progress on a pair of socks but I don't have any photos.

So what else has been going on? Well, my cat has been slightly traumatized. You see, he is very furry...

Or should I say "he was very furry..."

Or he could just be an alien...

Whatever he is, the other cats aren't sure what to think. Thank goodness this only temporary. He'll be back to normal before we know it. For now, he'll just have to deal with the furmiliation.

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