Friday, May 18, 2012

Knitted Giraffe Butt

I never expected to call some one on the phone and start the conversation with, "I knit your Giraffe butt last night" but today was my day! I am knitting the Giraffe pattern from Susan B. Anderson's book, "itty bitty toys" for one of my favorite designers at work. I gave her the book and told her to pick a pattern and the Pom-poms in this one won her over. Last night I decided to read over the pattern as preparation for starting and before I even realized what was happening I pulled out the needles and yarn and cast on. I got the Cascade 200 Superwash for a great price from Web's Anniversary Sale and Mom got a ton of colors to pick from.

I love Susan's patterns and I have knit several of them over the past few years. She writes a very clear and concise pattern and the end products are just plain adorable. The other picture her is her Doll pattern from the book with my niece who served as my inspiration. Love her patterns!

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