Thursday, October 4, 2007

Working on gifts

This is a Mason Dixon Dishcloth I recently finished. I got the book from the library and I've been working through some of the patterns as I've been working on gifts for the upcoming holidays. Anything I can find that will go fairly quick but be something people would actually want. I'm not one of those people who can knit sweaters for everyone on their holiday list. I do have a couple of special projects for special people and then I have a ton of smaller, "Hey, your my friend and I can't afford to buy you a gift so I made you this cool thing. :)" I've been making dishclothes, bibs, coasters, and now I'm doing a bunch of these really cut felted coin purses I found on the Lion Brand Yarn site. Since I came to knitting from the flashy Fun Fur yarn side and I am a born cheapskate, I am NOT a yarn snob. I believe if you like what the yarn looks like, feels like and knits like, then for gods sake, KNIT IT. Anyway, I just finished the first knitted portion of the coin purse and I went and bought 4 skeins of various colored Patons Classic Wool Merino for $4 each on sale at Michaels. I see lots of colorful little gifts in my future.
Well, I've got to get back to knitting. You know how time flies this time of year. And just because I think everyone should know the adorableness of Spanky and because I don't have any other knitting photos ready, here he is...

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