Friday, November 9, 2007

Still Working on Gifts...

I have been a knitting fool lately. I've given myself an ambitious goal when it comes to holiday knitting and I'm making my way through the list. First, I've knitted a number of little coin purses for gifts. I bought a variety of colors of Patons Merino Wool to combine with the Lambs Pride I got earlier in the month and set to knitting. I got kind of clever when it comes to knitting on the road with these. I have a backpack I got from work last year some time and it was just the right size to fit the 5 skeins of yarn standing up in the bottom with the center pull yarn setting on top. Then I just sat the backpack next to my chair and pulled the color I wanted next. I ended up being a really good system and allowed me to change colors whenever I felt like it (pun intended).
I also finished my mom's gift. I got Lion Brand "Incredible" ribbon yarn and wanted to make something special. I had thought to use it for something for my aunt but when my mom saw the yarn, she claimed whatever I was making for herself. So, I went searching for ideas and came across a couple of purse patterns on the Bernat's site using a similar ribbon yarn. Well, I started with their general idea and created this purse for Mom. I love the way it turned out!

I even went to JoAnn's and found some beautiful brocade fabric and lined it too. Who knew I could sew?!?! Really though, the lining was much easier than I thought and I think it really adds something. Mom's already gotten this gift since we won't be together over the holidays and I think she's happy. I made her a matching shrug type thing too but I never got a picture. Maybe she'll send me one after reading this. :)
I've also been working on more baby things. RED is about to become a daddy and his expected little girl needs lots of knitted wear. I did a little Popover Hat and matching booties and sent them up for the Baby Shower last weekend. I used some of the Peaches and Cream yarn I bought in a color named "Pink Lemonade". They turned out cute but I mailed them before I managed to get a picture. Next, I think there is something in the water at work because every time I turn around, someone else is pregnant. Well, this past week I was invited to a Baby Shower for one of the guys in the office and so I whipped up a cute little bib in the same yarn. I love this stuff. I've already got at least 3 more bibs needed in order to keep up with the girls I know are pregnant. It's a good thing they don't take too long!
Lastly, I've started my first Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern and I'm working on a Baby Surprise Jacket for RED's little one. I'm using the yarn I bought when we went camping last month and so far, so good.
Oh, one more thing, I just bought my very first skein on Hand Dyed sock yarn. I'm no longer a virgin to the "good" yarns. I found out that the shop I had been stalking on Etsy is actually run by a woman here in the same city with me. So, go right now and buy from her shop at Dyeabolical Yarns on Etsy. Not only is she a very nice person, but the yarn is absolutely beautiful!!

This color is called "Hidden Tiger" and I already know what I want to do with it but I can't talk about it here right now. :)

And finally, I just wanted to post a picture that explains why I like to go camping. (I can't wait til Spring)

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