Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hats all Folks!

Well, I still love the pattern and I still don't have a hat that I love. Very sad really. I bought this yarn on line from Web's without having ever seen it before. I loved the colors and it looked like it would work well for this pattern, which is Urchin by the way. Oh, and the yarn is Rowan Spray. Anyway, the colors ended up being just what I expected but the yarn was a lot, I don't know, thicker? I can't describe it, maybe firmer is the word. Anyway, when knitted it is really sturdy. It holds the form knitted and therefore it doesn't really sit on my head the way I would want the hat too. I think it will look cute on someone else but my face is too round for this one. (trust me, I do have a face and it is round) After it all, my love of short rows is still going strong so I won't be surprised if I give this pattern another chance when I find the right yarn. Aren't the swirls pretty?!
I've been on a bit of a Hat kick lately. I think it's a search for instant gratification since they usually only take one or two nights of movie watching to complete. My co-workers are popping out kids faster than I can knit and I was two projects behind in baby knitting last weekend and thus, the hat below. I got this Lion Brand Velvetspun yarn at a swap and it is the softest and most wonderful feeling yarn. However, it SUCKS to knit with. No offense to the Lion Brand folks because generally I like their product, but I understand why this one has been discontinued. It grabs the needles like a drowning victim going down for the third time and has absolutely no stretch. I felt like the darn hat fought me on every stitch. The resulting hat, you ask? Adorable! #*%&$# It would almost be easier if it were ugly because I could just get rid of it and not think about it again. But no, it's adorable and soft and hopefully going to make a new little baby girl happy.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...we added to the family last week. A situation came up where an adorable Boston needed a home and thus, being the sucker that I am, ours is the home. Could you resist that little face? Darla is the one on the left and Spanky, on the right, has a new buddy. She's fitting in great and we're all happy. (that's it Mom. really. no really!)

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