Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jaywalkin' in the Jungle

So, check those babies out. These are my first pair of Jaywalkers after being inspired by the many, many, many projects on Ravelry. I wanted to try another pair of socks with a little more knitting and visual interest and this pattern fit the bill perfectly. I have a definite thing for the zigzag pattern and I just enjoy knitting it for some reason. The yarn I used is some hand dyed Merino Superwash from Dyeabolical yarns on Etsy and it is beautiful!!
See the way the colors move around and enhance the pattern. Wow! I followed the pattern exactly, a first for me, and they turned out really well. They are a bit tight and don't stretch a whole lot but once you get them over the heel and on to the foot, they feel incredible.
I have to say these needles were crazy to knit with. They are size 1 US needle and they are SMALL. Smaller even then the little bamboo skewers we keep around the house for kabobs. I had some general challenges working with them but I made it through and I could not be happier with the results!

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