Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Second Chance?!

Well, I guess if you fiddle with something long enough, and with enough desperation, you just might get lucky. My camera is working sometimes, and I have taken advantage of those times. So, below is the Baby Kimono jacket I talked about last time. It's a really adorable little sweater and I made it with Peaches and Cream yarn I ordered online. I love the way the colors pooled in the yarn but it did turn out really small. I got it in the mail right away and hopefully Eva will get a couple of weeks of wear out of it before she gets too big.
Next are the Ditto socks. I made a lot of progress on these during my commute this week. It was my week to just ride and I got a little over an inch done each day. That moves along a pair of socks. These are a well overdue present that I hope to get in the mail before the month is over.

The yarn in these socks has been fighting me for every stitch. It's hard to get the needle just right when knitting an not snag on of the plys of yarn. I do like the look of the final product though and I hope the recipient will as well.

I also finally got Spanky's Sweater finished. I used the same basic formula as Darla's but I did add about an inch to the distance between the beginning and the armholes. It seems to have helped with the fit but it still isn't perfect. Oh well. Spanky said he would be happy to wear this one until I get the next one finished. He would not, however, stand up to model for everyone so you just get to see him as I usually do...lounged out and taking up too much of the bed. :)
Lastly is my Hemlock Ring Blanket. I think I am in love with this one. It finished and the picture below shows it before blocking. It is currently at a dear friends house, pinned to some foam mats and drying in her extra bedroom. Thank you so much for that one. My house is what we call a "shotgun" and the only real door is into the bathroom. Hence, there is no room to pin out a 4' round blanket. Thank goodness for friends with bigger houses and the generosity to lend some space to me. :) The blanket looks amazing all pinned out on the pads and I can't wait until it's dry and I get to use it. I've already tested it (he, he) and it works great!!

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