Saturday, March 8, 2008

If a Picture is Worth 1000 words...

...then I've got a lot of typing to do. See the picture below. That's it. That's the only picture I can share today. Why, do you ask? Because one of my lovely cats is neurotic and afraid to use the litter boxes inside the house for fear of being ambushed by one of the other cats. So, he has his own box and such out on the front screened in porch and we have to let him in and out like a dog. Well, one day I missed the potty cues and so he decided to pee on top of my camera sitting on my dresser. He's lucky I'm mostly a pacifist! And he did spend a few cold days outside while I tried to get over the feeling of betrayal that he would pee on MY stuff when I'm the one who care for him. Little Bastard.Sorry for all the vulgarity but a new camera is just not in my immediate budget so I'm still a little bitter. We got the camera to work for a little bit after the incident but now it seems to have given up the ghost. Sadness.
So, enough about the little pisser. The bib you see above is another one of the Mason Dixon bibs. I love these little guys. They knit up fast, they're cute, and they're practical. I love all the colors in this yarn but I have already received comments that the kid might spit up just because of the colors. Oh well, I like it.
Other than the bib, I just finished my first Baby Kimono from the same Mason Dixon book. It had some other Peaches and Cream called Raspberry Swirl that is chocolate brown and two shades of raspberry. Really cool stuff. So, I knitted up the Kimono per the pattern instructions and it is adorable. I plan to spend this afternoon seaming it and then I'll be off to Joann's to find some buttons or ribbons to tie it off. Cuteness.
I've also been working on my Hemlock Ring. I'm on row 91 and it is really beautiful. I'm just about finished with the second ball of yarn and have one more I can use. Right now, I'm trying to determine if I have enough left in the 2nd ball to do two more rows (enough to get through the pattern row and one row of plain knitting) before I have to add the next ball. I really don't want to add yarn on either of those rows so I'm looking for our postage scale so I can do some calculations regarding the number of stitches I can get out of the amount of yarn I have left. I hope to do this today as well but if you had ever seen my house, you would know finding something in it is a tall order. Oh well.
Lastly, I finally was able to order some new KnitPicks Options in size 8 so I can transfer my Pinwheel blanket onto the 40" cable and actually get it going again. Yeah! So, that's what's been going on and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures on it all soon.

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