Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can't Make Up My Mind

I've been working on a bunch of different things with little rhyme or reason. I've just been pulling out yarn that appeals to me and I start knitting. One of the things I am most pleased with at the moment is this really pretty "Easy Drop Stitch Scarf." I found this pattern on Ravelry while looking at what other had knitted with the Gossamer Lace yarn I bought from KnitPicks. I got this on clearance since I think the yarn has been discontinued. I saw a couple of pair of socks and I was thinking to use it for a pair for S as a thank you for the mocs. I decided to give two socks on one circular needle a try and after doing my gauge swatch, cast on per the formula found in Sensational Knitted Socks for a chevron pattern sock.
Simply put, this was just plain nuts. Per my gauge swatch I got 10 sts/inch and therefore had to cast on 110 sts. Nuts! After knitting about an inch of both socks, I realized they were HUGE and I would have to start over. I don't think so. This yarn just wanted to be something else and I think it wants to be this scarf. How cool does this look?!?! I saw a scarf (here) made with this yarn and I liked the way the colors pool. I like it even more in this colorway. So, it looks like S is getting a scarf instead. Well, not entirely true, I bought some Plymouth "Happy Feet" to make her some socks and I've got about 3 inches of the first sock finished. Oh, I also decided to just do the socks on DPNs as I got tired of the juggling act needed with both socks on one needle. Oh well, maybe next time.
Next I found an adorable little baby halter called Katja and off to my stash I went. Well, it turned out I actually had the yarn used in the pattern. That's got to be a first. I don't think I've ever knit anything in the actual yarn. Oh wait, I did knit all those baby bibs from Mason Dixon knits in the actual, but boy it is rare. So, when I saw I had the actual yarn, I knew I had to cast on RIGHT NOW. However, I can't leave well enough alone so I also pulled out some of the Peaches and Cream I have and added some stripes.

I quickly sent this in the mail and it too was well received. It makes me so happy to be able to knit for people and it makes me especially happy when they obviously like what I knit them. Eva's mama wrote me right away that she loved the halter and would send pictures soon. What more could I ask for?

The next picture here is a Market Bag of my own design. I love the market bags I've been making but I was getting frustrated when I would use them because small stuff falls out of the holes in the bottom. I had an idea bouncing around in my head about adding a solid bottom to a mesh bag and this is what I came up with when it was finished. I'm pretty pleased. I simply used Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi shawl pattern formula for the bottom and when it got as big around as I wanted, I did a row of purl to turn it up and started knitting the tube portion.

After I got a couple of inches up, I knit two together all the way around with a size 15 needle and then started the lace pattern on the next row. I wasn't sure if the transition would work but it actually turned out really nice. I knit until I was out of yarn and then got some other solid cotton and added the handles. Next time, I'll adjust the handles, maybe just make one big handle or something. The opening of the bag is a little too tight and I think it's due to the handle configuration. Thankfully I have a couple more skeins of Cascade's Flash yarn to play with and see if I can make this even better.

Lastly, I am feeling the draw of another form of artistic expression. OK, that sounds a bit grave. But I have to admit, I've split some of my crafting time with another non-fiber-related hobby. What?!?! How could it be? I don't know but it is cool. As I mentioned previously, S is making leather goods and we are selling them on Etsy. Well, last weekend we had an order for three pair that were needed the following day. Therefore, I offered to help and I have to say I liked it much more than I would have thought. I went to the leather store with S the other day and discovered the "scrap bin" and I felt the itch. I needed to used these thrown away pieces for something and I just started playing with ideas on the mocs. I am having entirely too much fun coming up with design idea and just playing with suede collage. I hope other people like these too because I could really get used to spending my weekends making moccasins. So, check out the picture of the works in progress and then go to the shop and buy some. :)

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