Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Things

So, like the title says, I've been working on little things. I guess I've been feeling the need to have a sense of accomplishment. Knitting tends to teach one patience but I haven't been a very good student lately. I just want everything finished already. And I have a variety of things almost finished. I think in the next week or two I will need to make a pledge to spend a weekend and just finish everything: add handles, sew on buttons, finish some stuff darn it! Well, below is something I finished! Ta Da!
I think this might end up holding some sunglasses or some such thing. I love this little guy. The colors are great and I found a perfect button in my "garage sale button" stash. Very Cool! It's already been gifted and I expect to see it worn around the recipients neck the next time we get together, she was so excited. :) I'm glad you like it! More will be on the way soon! I've also been playing with some yarn I got on clearance that has a little linen in it. I have been doing so reading about the virtues of linen for face towels and the like and so when I found this yarn on clearance, I figured it would give me some time to play and see what I think. I have never heard of the yarn I'm using and since it was on clearance, I probably won't be getting any more. Oh well. The yarn is Linbel by Phildar. It's made in France and is 52% Cotton, 37% Linen and "Viscose(Bambou)" which is also Rayon, I guess. The yarn is made of three plys that I am guessing are the three different fibers. I like knitting with this pretty well and the texture of the end fabric is pretty nice. It might be nice for a light summer tank in a really relaxed style. However, I didn't buy enough for something like that so I'm just making a variety of face towels. Well, the one you see below is the second one I've done and the ball is finished; two more to go. We've been using the first towel in the shower and it's nice since I love being able to use something I've made on a regular basis! This one I got bored in the middle and so I had a little fun and did a pattern in the middle. I'm sure there is a name for this pattern but I just sort of winged it. You can't really tell from the picture but it's got arrow like shapes moving across the middle section. Some nice texture to help with exfoliation. :)
Speaking on using something handmade on a regular basis, look what I got for a present when I came home from work the other night! I was really jealous of some custom purple mocs S made for a co-worker of mine and when I got home two days later, I had my own new pair to match my PJs. How cool are those?!?! I'll bet you all are jealous, as well you should be. They are awesome and will see a lot of wear. By the way, if you're really jealous, go to Buckaroo Leather and get your own pair. We've got lots of colors too!!

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