Sunday, September 26, 2010

Starry Citron

While touring Ravelry for a way to use my beautiful Dream in Color Starry, I came across this other knitters Citron with a beaded edge and I knew immediately I must use the beautiful, sparkly yarn I had in just this way. I also thought the sparkle in this yarn was perfect to put more sparkly on the edge and I really just love sparkly. Can you tell? Citron is one of the hot new patterns and adding these beads just seems to kick it up a notch. Love it! When I went to my local bead store in search of the perfect complementary bead, I just about lost it. They had a rainbow worth of colors but none seemed just right with the colors in the yarn. And then I moved a little further down the line to the stone beads and saw the hematite. I love hematite. I love the magnetic power in the stone and how you can't really say just what color it is. Is it black, grey, silver, I just don't know. But upclose next to this yarn, it's color is perfect!
I decided on a garter stitch ruffle and did 6 ridges. I might have been able to get a few more ridges out of the single skein I had but since I never beaded anything before, I wasn't sure what I would need and didn't want to risk it. I love the way this turned out!
I so loved my Starry Citron that I started thinking about the next one. I was shopping at the local Tuesday Morning and discovered some beautiful green beads and knew I had the beads for my next shawl. Then, what yarn to use? Well I have the most beautiful yarn from Dyeabolical and thought maybe it would work. Well, after winding it into a ball, I realized I can't get my crochet hook through my beads and I'm no longer certain this is the right yarn for a Citron; too much color variation I think. Tonight I hope to find the perfect pattern for the gorgeous yarn shown below.
Lastly, a quick little baby hat for the Great-Niece of my partner. Simple 48 stitches cast on, 2x2 rib for a while, stockinette for a while, decrease. Pretty cute.
Now I'm trying to decide what to take with me on a trip I am leaving for in the morning. Will it be a pair of socks? Another shawlette? A hat? Hmm..time to decide.

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