Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

So we've come to the end of summer and I realize my much neglected garden has been picked clean of any semblance of red tomatoes by my puppy Spanky but it is flat out filled with green ones of all shapes and sizes. I planted (2) Cherry Tomatoes, (2) Sungold Tomatoes, and (2) Better Boy plants. While I haven't touched these plants in at least a month, the dog has thoroughly enjoyed their bounty but managed to leave enough I needed to figure out what to do with them. I searched through the recipes on AllRecipes and found an intriguing one for Green Tomato Relish. Since most of my tomatoes are not big enough to slice and fry, this seemed like a good option.

Therefore, Saturday I picked the remainder of the various tomatoes left in the small garden and filled about 1/3 of a typical reuse grocery bag. Then I sorted through them all and picked off stems and removed any icky tomatoes from the piles. I ended up with a large mixing bowl and a medium size split relish bowl filled with worthy bounty.
I love the shapes and colors in these! I decided I had about half the amount of tomatoes the recipe called for so I halved most of the ingredients in the recipe except for green peppers which I completely eliminated. I really don't like Green Peppers. I also made two jars worth with no Mustard seeds just for Mom to avoid her allergy issues. See Mom, I take care of ya!
The results are 12 jars of Relish and me trying to figure out who's going to eat all this stuff. It was pretty yummy when it went in the jar so I think I'll find some folks willing to give it a go. Good Christmas presents I think. :)

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