Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Brother

First, Happy Birthday to my brother if you read this today. Your present will be in the mail tomorrow (sorry it's late) and I hope you have a great day and stay nice and warm where you are which should be a problem as close to the equator as you are at the moment. :)
Meanwhile, last night while it did this...
I did this...

Very fun pattern. This is the Calorimetry for one of my aunts who has nice long hair and spends a good deal of time outside. I hope she will like it. I'm going to do one more for the other aunt too and then all my gifts are finished. That's my project for today and then I get to start on my hat. I've purchased some beautiful Debbie Bliss chunky yarn and am thinking to do the Urchin hat from knitty. Too cute for words! :)

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Anonymous said...

Your calorimetry looks great.
The dishcloths I posted on the Holiday KAL-CAL knit up really quickly and is a super easy pattern. Glad you liked them :)