Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hat's Off to Me!

Yeah! REDs hat is finished and I think it looks great. If you're reading this RED, then you just spoiled your surprise but I don't think you check this out too often. Now I'm just waiting on an address to send it to since he's out of the country for a while. This hat is the Marsan Watchcap listed below and it was a good knit. The pattern is very simple but fun to knit with just enough challenge to keep it interesting. I liked that I could take this with me anywhere to knit since it's just a K1,P1 repeat where you knit is the back of the stitch to get a cool little twist to the ribbing. REDs dad saw me making it and wants one too so I'm getting ready to start another but I'm going to make it bigger because this one was pretty tight on me. It stretches a lot but MD has a big head, literally.
So last weekend, I went out for a walk with the dogs and I was thinking I needed a hat and how I would have to get one when I got paid. I don't know where my brain was because it took a minute for me to think "Wait, I make hats!" Duh!! I went on Ravelry (I LOVE Ravelry) and started looking at peoples hats. I really like the Urchin hat from Knitty but I don't really have the right yarn for it right now and I was broke and impatient. I had some Black Magic yarn by Caron and decided I was going to use it for whatever hat I made. Well, I never found a pattern I liked so I just knit a basic hat on circulars and decreases at the crown. I then put a little flower on it and viola, my hat. I wasn't able to get a picture of it on me before the batteries died in my camera so you just get to see it flat. I have to say I really disliked working with this yarn. The color ply was split in numerous locations and it was just a pain in the butt. It sure looks pretty though.

I also started working on the wrap/shrug/hood thing for somebody. Right now, I'm not totally sure what it will be or who it will go to but I have ideas. I'm thinking a twisted scarf type thing sewn together at the end that can be wore a variety of ways. I've seen them on the web but now that I'm looking for one to link to, there is nothing to be found. Maybe later. The yarn is making a neat pattern as it repeats. I'm almost half way through after working on it this afternoon. Since I didn't get a knitting done Friday or Saturday due to cleaning for the party last night, it was nice to make some progress tonight. I'll either work on this some more or maybe do another dishtowel or two tonight as we watch Serenity for the upteenth time. (Joss Whedon rules!)
The last items of progress to note are the dishtowels I'm making for my Aunt. They are a terrifically practical gift for the person who has everything. I figured anyone would find a use for dishtowels. These are just a couple of basic ballband patterns and the one that looks like brick can also be found in the Mason and Dixon book. I think they'll make a nice set.


Anonymous said...

I finished my first Marsan Watchcap on Saturday. I used Baruffa Maratona merino wool yarn. The hat is amazingly stretchy, isn't it? It fit my 5, 11, and 14 year old sons, and my husband (who has a large head.) I have started a second for the exclusive use of my husband, adding 8 cast-on stitches. Anyway, Hi! It's fun to see others' finished knit objects.

Tara in CT

Zillah said...

First, thanks for commenting. Your the first non-family member to do so. Wow! Yeah, I really liked this hat. It is amazingly stretchy and I was also amazed by how weird it looks off the head, but normal when on. I'm glad your having fun knitting them too. I hope to cast on the next one in the next couple of days once I finish the shrug/hood/scarf thing I'm working on. Have a great week and a good time knitting!