Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've Been a Busy Girl

The second knitted Watchcap is done. This pattern is just so simple but looks really cool when it's on. This one is for my stepdad who asked for his own when he saw me knitting the one for my brother. I did want to make them look a little different so I added the green stripes which I really like. For some reason though, this one drove me nuts when I started decreasing for the top. I had to frog back several rows the first time when I realized I had gotten off by one stitch. Then, I did it again. Finally I realized if I would just quit thinking so much and just knit what I see, I would do a lot better. And guess what, third time is a charm sometimes.

Next are the dishtowels for my aunt. I think this turned out to be a really nice set. I love the colors and I think the variety of pattern and color is really fun. I hope to get them in the mail Monday and hopefully she'll enjoy them for years to come.
Following the dishtowels is the Shrug/Hood/Scarf thing for my brother's girlfriend. She's 8 months pregnant and I wanted to send her something she can enjoy now and later. I've never met her either so I have no idea if something like this is her style but I really like the way it turned out. I basically just knit a really wide scarf, twisted it once and then stitched the ends. I think I'm going to send copies of these photos with it so she can see the different ways she can wear it. I hope she likes it.

Lastly I needed a gift for my 14 year old cousin and when she was looking though my knitting journal earlier this fall, she mentioned that she really liked the purple fun fur in the picture of my stash. So, I took it and added some Lambs Pride worsted wool for warmth. I grabbed nice big needles (17) and knit up a quicky scarf for her. Although you can't tell from the picture, it's got a drop stitch repeat every 4th row. I think she'll enjoy it.

Two more gifts to go. I going to either do another couple of quick scarves, a couple of coin purses, or I might get froggy and try one of these. The pattern intrigues me and it looks like a pretty quick knit. I've got some yarn in my stash that I think will work so I might just give it a go for the rest of the weekend's project knitting. Stay warm where you are (if that's an issue) and I'll probably be sitting here knitting. :)

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